what to Visit

Besides from being a wonderful place for a summer vacation, Ericeira is strategically located within the region of Lisbon, being an ideal starting point to go on an outing and discovering the vast historical, cultural and natural patrimony of this region. Among all of these destinations, some of the following worth visiting must be highlighted: – The extraordinary baroque of the Mafra National Palace (less than 10 km from Ericeira). The most notable inheritance of King João V’s reign, masterfully celebrated in the work of Jose Saramago awarded the Nobel Prize and currently candidate for World Heritage site;

– Sintra, World Heritage Site of UNESCO and its “Cultural Landscape” (fairly 20 km from Ericeira). Starting from the labyrinthine village, go up to the Natural Park, lose yourself in one of its countless romantic palaces, admire the Castelo dos Mouros, and finish your tour in the Palácio da Pena. The visit to Sintra, right next to Ericeira, is simply unmissable.

– Cascais / Estoril (fairly 40 km from Ericeira). The best example of the elegance which characterized the expansion of Lisbon towards the mouth of its river and which was confirmed by the following exile of many European royal families; this area has always been regarded by its entertaining scene (casino, golf, night clubs, etc.).

– It is also recommended to visit some of its beaches such as GuinchoCabo da Roca – the most western point of continental Europe.

– Lisbon (fairly 50km from Ericeira). The Portuguese capital exempts us from any introductions. Enjoy the proximity to this city to visit some of its distinctive neighbourhoods, monuments, or to take the children to experience some of its many attractions.

– Besides these destinations, a pleasant walk along the coast shall take you to a series of small fishermen and touristic villages with plenty of enchantment.